ET Workshop I

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Earth 2.0 workshop I (ETWI) is to bring astronomers together to work on the processing of the data produced by the proposed ET (Earth 2.0) mission and to discuss related sciences. It will also foster communications and collaborations between scholars with similar interests and diverse expertises on exoplanet science.

The focus of this workshop:
Understand the framework of ET data processing;
Identify the important issues in ET data processing;
Obtain the essential skill for ET data processing;
Report the major goals, methods, tools, and design requirements to ET committee.

Students are encouraged to claim the support of travel and accommodation from TDLI, organizers will decide how to support according to the budget.

Due to the special situation of pandemic, we encourage you to register as soon as possible leaving us enough time to do the procedures for you to enter campus.

Key Dates and Preliminary Schedule:

Deadline for registration: December 1, 2020

Preliminary Schedule:

December 7 December 8 December 9 December 10 December 11
Morning Identify key issues Hands-on talk and practice Hands-on talk and practice Subgroup presentation Form data processing groups and milestones
Afternoon Divide into subgroups Subgroups working on specific issues Subgroups working on specific issues

Re-identify key issues, strategies, and actions

Summary of the workshop to be submitted to ET committee

Formal Registration


Jian Ge (Chair, SHAO)
Dong Lai (TDLI&Cornell)
Doug Lin (UCSC)
Yanqin Wu (U of Toronto)
Hui Zhang (NJU)


Masataka Aizawa (TDLI )
Fabo Feng (Chair, TDLI )
Jinghua Shi (TDLI )
Cuiying Song (TDLI )
Yifan Xuan (Northwest U)


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