AJ (The Astronomical Journal)
APJ (The Astrophysical Journal)
ApJL (the Astrophysical Journal Letters)
ApJS (the Astrophyscial Journal Supplement Series)
MNRAS(Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society - Journal Information)
A&A (Astronomy & Astrophysics)
CDS (bibliographic service)
arXiv (lanl.arXiv.org e-Print archive mirror)
Nature (Nature Publishing Group : science journ...
Science (AAAS | Science Magazine: Research, new...
SpringerLink - 期刊
ApSS (Astrophysics and Space Science)
SAO/NASA ADS Journal/Volume/Page Query Form
Solar Physics
Astronomy Journal List (AAL Electronic Journals Page)
PASJ (Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan)
PASP (Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific)
The Open Journal


Aspen Center for Physics
Core List of Astronomy and Physics Books
Universe, Eighth Edition (active book)
Extragalactic Articles (Fundamental Data in Level 5)
Index of /~dekel/adcos
space telescope data query
Web Links for Zombeck's Handbook of Space Astro...
The NGC / IC Project
Formation of Structure in the Universe
Clusters and Superclusters of Galaxies
Handbook of Space Astronomy and Astrophysics
Astronomical Glossary
AstroBetter — Tips and Tricks for Professional Astronomers


Zombeck's Handbook of Space Astronomy and Astrophysics
Ned Wright's Javascript Cosmology Calculator (优先)
BaSTI Home Page (stellar evolution)
English-Chinese Bidirectional Dictionary of Ast...
ROOT User's Guide Doc Page
LEVEL5 (Extragalactic Articles)
Online Conversion - Energy Conversion
Cosmology Calculators 计算宇宙学距离等 (links)
SSC:Spitzer Tools
Curious About Astronomy? Ask an Astronomer
Magnitude/Flux Density Converter: Point Sources
Astrophysics Source Code Library: Archive (Astr...
Astrophysics Source Code Library: Archive (Astro Software)
English-Chinese Bidirectional Dictionary of Astronomy
Welcome to MESA User Forum and Web Presence — MESA User Forum
天文杂志Impact factors
NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database - NED
HEASARC: Coordinate Converter
Javascript Astronomical Coordinate Converter
Magnitude/Flux Density Converter: Point Sources
中央研究院 兩千年中西曆轉換
中西曆對照查詢系統(明代以降) || Chinse and Western Dates Mapping System (Later than Ming Dynasty)


ASTR 1102 (2004): Full Calendar
Stars & Galaxies

Elementary Astronomy
Supernova Home Page
The Astronomy Place
The SAO Encyclopedia of Astronomy
ADS Virtual library (Books)
Whistle down the wind--南大校友blog
WorldWide Telescope
Bad Astronomy Blog

Astronomy Picture of the Day
Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics
Bo Zhang’s Homepage (张博)
CADC's International Astronomy Meeting List

天文理科人~Astroleaks | Enjoy Astronomy Everyday !!
AstroPix Beta--pictures
Teach Astronomy
Astronomy Notes
Free Astronomy Textbook Available for Download - OpenStax

Data Analysis

LAT and GBM Joint Spectral Analysis
GBM Gamma-Ray Burst Analysis
Explore LAT Data (for Burst)
FSSC: Data » Data Analysis » Analysis Threads »...
LAT Gamma-Ray Burst Analysis
Fermi LAT Science Analysis (introduction)
generate bak file: gtbkg
A Grad Student Blog (Fermi, Swift data analysis)
FSSC: Data » Data Access
FSSC: Data » Data Analysis » Analysis Threads » Overview
Eventbase | Your FREE mobile event guide
FSSC: Data ? Data Analysis ? Analysis Threads ?...
FSSC: Data ? Data Access
FSSC: Data ? Data Analysis ? Analysis Threads ? Overview

gamma-ray burst

General: Gamma-ray Bursts(informatoin from jcg)
GRB 伪红移计算
ISDC Home Page (Integral Science Data Centre)
swift data products, spectral evolution(UNLV)
GCN Circulars Archive (Official)
Swift burst analyser
Gamma-ray Burst Links
Fermi & Swift burst LC-Spectrum
FSSC: Fermi Data
GCN KONUS Light Curves
HETE Burst Page
Fermi GBM ftp: Index of /FTP/fermi/data/gbm
Swift XRT and BAT Observations (Butler & Kocevski)
Afterglow Library -- numerical
space telescope data query
Gamma Ray Burst Host Galaxies - GRB Host Studie...
BATSE CGRO SSC >> Data Archive for CGRO
Swift/XRT Spectrum Repository
Swift Homepage (Offical)
Gamma-ray Burst Real-time Sky Map
BATSE Web(Official)
BATSE RBR Observations Page
BATSE: GRB Light Curves
Fermi: Science Tools: Cicerone (Overview of Fermi)
GRBlog: A Gamma-Ray Burst Database
Swift Burst Ground-Analysis Information(BAT XRT)
ISDC Home Page-(Integral official)
Swift » GRB Table and Lookup
Fermi Burst catalog
Swift/XRT Lightcurve Repository(Official)
Fermi FSSC » LAT GRB Table and Lookup
Fermi Science Support Center (data analysis)
GRBOX : Gamma-Ray Burst Online Index
Gamma Ray Burst Host Galaxies - GRB Host Studies - GHostS
BAT Burst QL
Vox Charta-arxiv
UKSSDC | On-demand Swift-XRT light curves | swift j164449.3+573451
Vox Charta--HUST
Swift ? GRB Table and Lookup
Fermi FSSC ? LAT GRB Table and Lookup


Common Error Detector (真能找一些常见错误,并给出说明)
Check Spelling, Style, and Grammar with After the Deadline
Ginger Software | Desktop & Mobile Keyboard + Writing App

Spell Check | Online Spellchecker
Grammar Quality Check
Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA)
搜狗翻译 - 我的贴身智能翻译专家
文法与写作—准备论文 | Editage意得辑
Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA) 词语phase
Spell Check | Online Spellchecker 如果只找一个,就找它

BibleGateway.com: A searchable online Bible in over 150 versions and 50 languages.


Gravitational Wave Sensitivity Curve Plotter
PyCBC - Analyze gravitational-wave data, find signals, and study their parameters.
The Einstein Toolkit
SpEC: Spectral Einstein Code
Home - SXS - Simulating eXtreme Spacetimes
Gravitational-wave Astronomy on Github
emcee · PyPI
Welcome to Cactus’s documentation! — Cactus 0.0.1 documentation
GW Open Science Center
Gravitational Physics Group (Research)




Edwin L.(Ted) Woollett Web Page
LaTeX Lab (tex edit online)


Wolfram MathWorld: The Web's Most Extensive Mat...
Online textbooks links


Basic Search (PQDD, database)
NIST: Atomic Spectra Database - home page
ALADDIN (Atomic data query)
FreeScience - Books - Physics
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Physics Help and Math Help - Physics Forums
Atomic Line List v2.04


CosmoLearning - MIT OpenCourseWare - Physics 1....
PhET :: Physics Education Technology at CU Boulder

The Physics Factbook™
HyperPhysics Concepts
HyperPhysics Concepts
The ABC's of Nuclear Science
The Feynman Lectures on Physics
HyperPhysics Concepts
The Physics Factbook?
Video Library | Perimeter Institute
Serway and Faughn 6th Ed.--problems
RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting

popular science

HowStuffWorks "What is an Atom?"
Internet Archive
Sean Carroll | Preposterous Universe 宇宙学、基本物理
几何直观地介绍广义相对论的时空以及大爆炸模型 (0)
科学松鼠会 :: 让我们剥开科学的坚果
果壳网 科技有意思
全球华人科学家的精神家园 - 华人科学网 (华科网)
2001太空漫游 - 阿瑟·克拉克 - 小说在线阅读 - 努努书坊
Sabine Hossenfelder: Backreaction


Guinness World Records - Chinese - Home Page
Dashboard | Mendeley
free science books
JCR-Web 4.5 Category Selection (影响因子)
Abramowitz and Stegun: Handbook of Mathematical...
World Digital Library Home
matek.hu--math calculation online
国家自然科学基金委员会 > 首页 > 科技快讯更多页面 ( ESS 3.0.15 )

Scirus - for scientific information
Free e-books
Free Books > Science
SCIENCE Online China
Singularity University | Solving Humanity's Grand Challenges
学术搜索 - 站在巨人的肩膀上 - 必应学术
科塔学术导航 - 最专业、准确、及时和全面的科研与学术资源导航平台
学术搜索 - 站在巨人的肩膀上 - SCI影响因子
Home | SciTalks


Convert files and data online
汉典 zdic.net
ThinkFree Office Live (view and convert docs)
欢迎来到 Smart Conversion
EatLime - 一边传别人就能下!
PDFescape - Free PDF Editor & PDF Form Filler - Your Free Online PDF Reader, Editor, Form Filler, Form Designer, Solution
Your dashboard on Wakoopa (software recommend)
LaTeX Lab (tex edit online)
ScreenToaster - Online screen recorder.
Electronic library. Download books free. Finding books
Electronic library. Download books free. Finding boooks
Sci-Hub - 直接下载各种文献
Smallpdf.com - A Free Solution to all your PDF Problems
Hyper Fit--数据拟合
Tour how to create group plans // Which Date Works // www.WhichDateWorks.com
ADoodle.org - Anonymous Doodle匿名投票
Compile and Execute Programs Online| Online IDE
DocsPal - Free online file Converter and Viewer
News, Sports, Weather, Entertainment, Local & Lifestyle - AOL
免费在线文件转换器 - 免费在线转换视频,音频,图形,文档和压缩格式.
iLovePDF | 为PDF爱好者提供的PDF文件在线转换工具
Convertio — 文件转换器
Electric Library. Download books free. More than 2 million books and magazines
Library Genesis




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